Togouchi Blended Whisky Beer Cask Finish



Togouchi Blended Whisky Beer Cask Finish. Oak barrels that have been used to mature Rum in the French Martinique in the Caribbean are used for IPA beer in France, and the beer casks are used to wood finishing for Togouchi whisky. A refreshing hop scent and bitterness derived from IPA beer, the honey scent derived from Rum, the sweetness like roasted apples derived from wood finish are harmonized.

Color:A light golden colour

Nose:It has a youthful aroma, but a slight peaty aroma can be noticed followed by sweet honey, nuts and corn flakes.

Palate:It’s has a light and mild taste. A sweet aroma that reminds you of grains and honey gives you a mellow feeling.

Finish:The slightly peaty aroma dominates the aftertaste.


    Volume 70cl
    ABV 40%
    Type Blended Whisky
    Age -
    With Box Yes


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