Thomas H Handy Rye Bottled 2021 129.5 Proof Kentucky Straight Rye Whisky ABV 64.75% 750ml

The Thomas H. Handy Sazerac Rye in the BTAC honours the New Orleans bartender who first used rye in his Sazerac cocktail. Distilled in Spring 2015 and released in October 2021, this edition was aged six years and four months in #4 charred new American oak from warehouses I, L, O, and K. The mash bill consists of Minnesota rye, Kentucky corn, and North Dakota malted barley. 

Other reviews... While it may not quite live up to the 2020 release, the brand sure tries its best to match it. This year's sip leaves little doubt that this is an almost 130 proof rye, starting with its bold nose. The scents leap out and punch you in the face which are led in part by a bold ethanol that hovers over all the scents. Thankfully, the palate tones it down just a pinch, and delivers an assembly of spiced flavors that are complemented by a grounding note of raisin. Paired with an incredibly silky mouthfeel, the palate is the star of the sip. Finally, the sip ends in a cascading wave of heat that goes back to reminding you of the rye's high proof. This year's edition leaves little doubt that it will please all those who get a chance to try it. If you’re a fan of big, bold spicy flavors, this is the bottle you’ll want to seek out from this year's BTAC offerings. -

"Cocoa, cinnamon and orange zest fill the nose, preparing for a rich palate of similar flavors. Tart tamarind and lemon curd cut through milk chocolate, cashews and warm spices. The texture is rather viscous, almost creamy, leading to an easy-going, sweet-tart finish." 92 points -

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