Teeling Wonders Of Wood First Edition Virgin Chinkapin Oak Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey ABV 50% 700ml


The first entry in Teeling’s Wonders of Wood series is a single pot still whiskey finished in new Chinkapin oak casks. This highly prized species of North American white oak imbues the fresh, spicy whiskey with notes of caramel, gingerbread, flambéed bananas and dark chocolate. As part of an ongoing collaboration with the Tree Council of Ireland, Teeling will use this series to support the planting of native Irish trees.


Tasting notes


Sweet toffee and butterscotch with caramel biscuits and wood tannins


Banana bread and ginger spices dance on the palate with a velvety cream soda coating the mouth


The wood spice lingers accompanied by dark chocolate and a hint of black pepper

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