Talisker 25 Year Old, Single Malt Scotch Whisky Vol ABV 45.8% 700ml With Gift Box


Earth richness, volcanic smoke and salt. Award winning Talisker 25 Year Old won Gold for the Best Single Malt in the 2017 International Whisky Competition.

Shaped by ancient terrain, our volcanic nature reveals a new facet, every time the elements hit. Talisker 25 Year Old invites you to taste the earthy richness over and over as an enduring power echoes.


Tasting Notes


Warm Gold.


Seaweed and old oranges, with smoke in the distance and some chalk. Surprisingly fruity and juicy.



Gentle start, with some acidity and saltiness that immediately builds in intensity. Extraordinary flavour development. Slow and sweet, then kicks in peppery and hot with balancing bitterness, salt and smoke.


Long, slightly bitter and very drying with a little smokiness.

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