Sullivans Cove Special Cask #7 American Oak Ex-Apera Cask (TD0214)

Sullivans Cove

The Special Cask label is reserved for our rarest whiskies. One of a kind releases that don’t fall into our usual French or American Oak styles, these whiskies must also have exceptional scores from our internal tasting panel, and represent the heights of what Sullivans Cove can achieve. Each Special Cask release will be different, and only one or two casks will be released each year, meaning only a few hundred bottles at most. These might be wine barrels, virgin oak, refills, or something else entirely, but  if it’s got a green label, you can be sure you’re getting something unique and incredibly special.

SPECIAL CASK #7: Cask #TD0214
Released February, 2020 as a cellar door exclusive. 300L first-fill American oak ex-Apera cask, 11 years old, 45.8% abv, 281 bottles

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