Secret Speyside 1990 Year Old Whisky Sponge Edition No.28 ABV 48.5% 70CL

Secret Speyside

This very special bottling commemorates that time the Earth was accidentally destroyed by a reversing hyper-galactic Salmon stillhouse because Jan Birch was distracted by the amusing properties of zero-gravity dramming. 

The whisky inside this bottle hails from an unspeakable and mysterious distillery in the town of Rothes. Known locally only as 'the second least amusing of our distilleries - several of which are in fact quite dull so potentially not that amusing at all'. 

This bottling is the result of a cosmic collision of two refill hogsheads. Bottled with slight reduction to our commonly enjoyed 'seshing ABV' of 48.5%. 

Please enjoy it responsibly and do not attempt to adjust the fabric of space time or operate a microplane while under the influence.

Nose: Classical mature Speyside style, but still superbly fresh. Abundant notes of honeysuckle, grass, hay, soft waxes, dessert wines and baked apple.
Palate: Perfect weight and richness thanks to the bottling strength. Lightly waxy, lemony, honeyed and showing many ripe green and orchard fruits. A beautiful example of aged Speyside malt whisky but with wonderfully preserved freshness and fruitiness.



Distillery Secret Speyside
Classification Single Malt Whisky
Vintage 1990
Age 30
Region Speyside
Cask Two refill hogsheads
ABV / Volume 48.5%/ 70cl
Cask Number  -/-

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