Saturnalia 20 Year Old Whisky Sponge Edition No.44 Refill Sherry Butt And Refill Hogshead ABV 47.2% 70CL


Step ye merrily beneath ye mistletoe of Jesus and spendeth thy coinage upon ye sacred plastic trinkets of yonder black Fryday and other sacred money fumblings of the run up to Christmas and all her divinely anointed food waste...

Or, you could sit back, forget about all that commercialised gibberish, and indulge in a decadent, surreal and lightly debauched celebration of Saturnalia: the original Pagan and Roman festival. A not too expensive 20 year old Blended Malt designed for easy and merry quaffing from generously filled tumblers with pals, chums, family, friends and passing strangers. 

This was created by sloshing together a 2001 refill sherry butt of mystery blended malt and a 2000 refill hogshead of Glenrothes. The resulting puddle of yummy, wintery darkness was bottled at natural cask strength and is offered here for your delectation. 

Nose: Vivacious cranberry, raspberry and orange all offering their zingy, sweet top notes and sitting alongside toffee, shortbread and vanilla cream. Unpretentious and effective. Reduction offers jam tarts and split vanilla pod alongside burnt popcorn.

Taste: Deeper and less obviously fresh than the nose – here, there’s far more sherry influence with sugars, herbs and cask qualities. Cherry juice and burnt toffee sit alongside digestive biscuits, chilli, ginger and pepper. Whilst crushed redcurrants are joined by mandarin and a handful of chocolate shavings. Water produces a notably juicy palate with oranges, plums and gooseberry foot livened with red berry cordial.

Finish: Medium in length. Gingerbread men and mentholated oak sit with berry cordial.


Distillery Saturnalia
Classification Blended Malt Whisky
Vintage 2000 + 2001
Age 20
Cask Refill Sherry Butt And Refill Hogshead
ABV / Volume 47.2% / 70cl
Cask Number  -/-

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