Port Ellen 40 Year Old - Untold Stories : 9 Rogue Casks, Islay Single Malt Whisky ABV 50.9% 700ml

Adding product to your bagSome casks are born different. Here at Port Ellen we prize these ‘rogue’ casks. They are an inspiration for a distillery that has always followed its own heart, instead of the rules. When our master distiller discovered 9 of these casks from 1979 he saw an exciting opportunity to create something special.

Tasting Notes


Delicate, grassy/herbal, burnt tangerine skin, very mild smoke at cask strength, opens up a little with the addition of water, crème caramel/roasted coffee, red fruit compote, ripe peach skin.


Much more pronounced bonfire smoke, pipe tobacco, leather, wood spice.


Long, wispy smoke finish.

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