Port Ellen 16th Annual Release 1978 37 Years Old (Special Release 2016)


Like most of this year's Special Releases, this is a natural cask strength single malt whisky matured in refill American oak hogshead and refill European oak butts. Unlike most of this year's Special Releases, this whisky was distilled at Port Ellen on Islay, the legendary closed distillery that sadly fell silent back in 1983. In fact, at the time of release in September 2016, this is the oldest ever bottling of Port Ellen's sought-after single malt. 2,940 bottles have been produced for the 16th release from Diageo's ever-depleting supplies.



    A soft smoke-driven expression, slightly sooty with a touch of brown paper bag, presumably used to serve the beetroot that's developing. Just a hint of classic chamois leather with subtle bilberry and mandarin sauce notes adding complexity.


    More ash now with scorched earth or petrichor character, more of those bilberries and a touch of liquorice. A little vanilla hints at the finish to come.


    Brown sugar and toasty oak, redolent of the crispy caramelised top of a crème brûlée.


    Region: Islay
    Distillery: Port Ellen
    Classification: Single Malt
    ABV / Volume: 55.2% / 70cl

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