Port Charlotte (Bruichladdich) 2003 18 Year Old Whisky Sponge Edition No.35 First Fill Bourbon Barrel ABV 57.1% 70CL

Port Charlotte

For Whisky Sponge edition number 35, we have bottled a single 1st fill bourbon barrel of 18 year old 2003 Port Charlotte. 

We reduced this one ever so slightly to 57.1% to facilitate an extra wee bit of balance, and also because it will be fun to try it next to the last Port Charlotte we did way back for Whisky Sponge Edition 4 which was also at 57.1%. 

The label features Spongebees and illustrates the intricate process by which the workers dance for the scientists to tell them where the whisky is located, while the queen lounges in disinterested nonchalance. It is a complex and devastatingly intellectual critique of socialism. Because, really, aren't bees just a bunch of bloody socialists after all? Who needs pollinators! Join our campaign today to privatise honey! Help promote individualism amongst bees! Buy our new book 'Atlas Buzzed'!  

hisky Sponge Edition 35 heads over to Bruichladdich for a Port Charlotte that’s just about hitting the ceiling of the distillate’s age (only a couple of private casks have been currently been released as 19 year olds). This release has been matured in a 1st fill ex-bourbon barrel that produced 197 bottles at 57.1%.

Nose: Oranges and clementines join a real sense of lacticness with yoghurt, cream cheese and motes of damp hay. Peat is wispy with langoustine broth, salted cod and smoked mashed barley whilst wet wool is livened with golden syrup drizzled over freshly baked sponge cake. A wonderfully restrained expressiveness. Dilution opens up leather satchels, oatmeal and wild honey together with increased smoke from log fires.

Taste: The arrival reveals real potency. Bonfire-tinged with paintbrush cleaners, lobster bisque and a touch of cough syrup. Leather seat coverings and aromatic oak are sweetened with smoked salted lemons and fresh ripe peaches. Water offers a more mineral composition with limestone, sea water and a touch of winter mint.

Finish: Long with zesty, zingy lemon and an underlying persistent damp smokiness.



Distillery Bruichladdich
Classification Single Malt Whisky
Vintage 2003
Age 18
Region Islay
Cask  1st fill bourbon barrel
ABV / Volume 57.1%/ 70cl
Cask Number  -/-

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