Nikka from the Barrel 500ml with 2 shot glasses & pouring spout Gift Set

Real emblem of the brand, Nikka From The Barrel is a whisky with a strong character. Its style is definitely japanese and it will captivate lovers and novices alike. Powerful by its "cask strength" bottling, but also intensely soft, fruity and complex revealing notes of apricot, lilac and clove at the beginning, and aromas of peach, apple caramel, honeysuckle, pepper and oak during tasting. Nikka From The Barrel will leave in mouth a few fruity aromas of peach and plum which will dwarf gradually to give way to vanilla and woody notes that can be found in aromatic profiles of most of the Bourbon whiskeys. Its firm, rich and round texture is the result of blending single malts from Yoichi, Miyagikyo and other origins, with a single grain whisky. Perfectly balanced and mastered, Nikka From The Barrel is presented in a giftbox containing 2 shot glasses and a practical pouring spout.

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