Nagahama Single Malt Hogshead Sherry Cask #0001 ABV 54.2% 50CL


In November 2020, the Nagahama Destillery launched a new single cask bottling, which was only available in Japan and limited to 362 bottles. A malt whiskey aged just over three years was bottled, which was stored in an Oloroso sherry barrel and filled with 54.2%. An absolute rarity.

This Single Malt Nagahama Sherry Hogshead Cask is a new release from the exciting craft distillery and it delivers quality on the nose, palate and finish. Matured in a top quality Sherry Hogshead cask, it brings dried fruits, maple syrup, raisins, sugared almonds and hints of vanilla and on the nose, before stewed fruits, red berries and oaky spices make themselves known on the palate. The finish holds for a long time, with more oak and spices being the stars of the show. 

This is a really well-crafted and complex whisky that is best savoured. If you’re a fan of sherry cask whisky, this is the bottle for you.

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