Mortlach 13 Years Old Special Release 2021 ABV 55.9% 70cl


Mortlach, the Beast of Dufftown, is darkly robust, a true creature of the moonlight shadows; this expression presents finely tuned highlights that pour from its rich, primal heart. A magnificently intense, well structured Mortlach with a character that rises to new heights inspired by virgin casks.

Appearance: Full gold. Very good beading.

Nose: A mellow and rounded nose feel lulls the senses, then introduces a first soaring note of freshly oiled wood. Next, rising through this, savoury and meaty notes suggest the beast within yet also carry a sweet tartness, suggesting roast pheasant with redcurrant jelly. The senses are heightened as these pitch perfect aromas in turn reveal a deeper moorland base note, rich in heather pollen and freshly crushed herbs. A drop of water completes the anticipation, bringing out a sweet, fruity hint of lime.

Body: Medium to full.

Palate: The pleasure builds still more, as a big, supersmooth texture envelops the palate. The wonderfully intense taste is vanilla sweet yet easily embraces a savoury finish, spicy dry as the new oak makes its presence felt, with a surprising kick of chilli pepper in the swallow. Magnificently feral and full of life on the palate, these flavours race across the tongue.

Finish: Long and deeply impressive, with power, fruit and spiciness in perfect harmony as a warming peppery glow spreads out in the aftertaste, in which a dash of water brings up a fresh floral herbal note to light the deepening night.

Alcohol content: 55.9%

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