Mars Iwai Komagatake Single Malt Wine Cask Finish


Mars Whisky Komagatake Wine Cask Finish is a limited edition of only 1,000 bottles of the now famous Shinshu distillery single malt. This expression has the peculiarity of being a blend of a 2011 vintage single malts aged in Sherry and American white oak casks, and then refined in barrels of Japanese red wine from Yamanashi location.

The result is up to expectations with a very marked influence of ripening barrels of red wine delivering aromas of sherry, tannins and oak wood. In the nose as well as during tasting, this complex whisky express a multitude of fruity flavors including grape, strawberry and cherry, but also more greedy tones of cookies, cocoa and vanilla. Very slight smoky notes will appear at the end of tasting.




Volume 70cl
ABV 52%
Type Japanese Single Malt Whisky
With Box -


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