Mackie's Ancient Brand (Bot. 1940s)


A museum-worthy bottle of Mackie's Ancient Scotch from Malt Mill, an Islay distillery that was dismantled in 1962. Debate continues over whether this is a single malt or a blend - although it doesn't say 'blended' anywhere on the label and it does say 'Malt Mill Distillery' and 'Distilled and bottled in Scotland', some people are of the opinion that it must be a blend. We think it's probably a single malt, but we can't be sure, so we've classified it as a blend.





    Distillery Mackie
    Classification Single Malt Whisky
    Bottle No./Released -/-
    Vintage -
    Age -
    Bottler Official Bottling
    Bottling Date -
    ABV/ Volume 40.0%/ 75cl
    Rating/SGP -/-
    Cask Number -


    Category: Rare

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