Macallan 1968 35 Years Duncan Taylor - Rare Auld


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Macallan 1968, bottled January 2004 for Duncan Taylor’s Rare Auld Cask Strength series. Limited to 272 bottles. Cask #5591.


Macallan 1969 38 Years Duncan Taylor - Rare Auld Tasting Notes

Colour: gold. Nose: it seems that this old Macallan is a very fruity one. Starts on some rather beautiful notes of ripe apples and strawberries, goseberries and even raspberries, and gets then much spicy/oaky (ginger, cinnamon, aniseed). Its also a little bubblegummy, which is sort of funny. Keeps developing for quite some time after that, getting more ‘acidulated’ (lemon, kiwi, tangerines), with also quite some vanilla. Very pleasant, let’s hope the palate won’t be too drying and woody. By the way, no sherry whatsoever in this one. Reminds me of the times when we had to rely on independent bottlers to be able to try unsherried Macallans. Mouth: very good news, this one isn’t too oaky despite its age and the very low strength. No tannins infusion, rather some beautiful notes of dried oranges, dried ginger, figs, quince jelly (luv’ that) and marzipan plus crystallised lemon zests and vanilla fudge. A few tea-ish notes from the wood but it’s more an asset here. Excellent old whisky. Finish: medium long but rather complex, a bit woodier now, faintly sour but also more candied and toffee-ish. Comment: very, very good. Only the rubber and the slightly sour finish prevent me from going up to 90+. SGP:651 (wazzat?) – 89 points.


    Distillery Macallan
    Classification Single Malt Whisky
    Bottle No./Released 72/272
    Vintage June 1968
    Age 35
    Bottler Duncan Taylor
    Bottling Date January 2004
    ABV/ Volume 41.0%/ 70cl
    Rating/SGP -/-
    Cask Number 5591



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