Laphroaig 1960 40 Years

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Released through Oddbins around the turn of the century, only 300 bottles of the 1960 Laphroaig were labelled as such - the worldwide release was the 40 year-old. A wonderful dram, this is the oldest offically-bottled Laphroaig.


We’re revisiting this old glory… Colour: deep gold. Nose: much more delicate, rather on high-end marzipan, clams, old waxes and oils, hessian, old books, old bookshop (polish), beeswax, mint flavoured tea… All delicacy, all elegance, and quite the opposite of all the tens. Notes of plantains. The peat doesn’t feel much anymore, but its there, just very, very delicate. Soft eucalyptus, embrocations... An old lady who works in a very old pharmacy (says Angus).
Mouth: all delicacy and elegance. Not as light as I remembered, certainly not too oaky, but there’s a subtle mintiness, lovely bitter oranges, a touch of angelica (quite a lot of angelica, in fact) and the most complex and elegant coastal peatiness. There’s more than I remembered. Finish: medium length. Citrons, oranges, crème de menthe, genepy, aniseed… Superb ultra-clean aftertaste. Comments: really, I insist, this one’s feels nicer than when last tried it. Would that be good Old Bottle Effect? I’m as happy as a bunny. I used to prefer the 30 in the older days, but things change. SGP:555 (that’s balanced, isn’t it) – 93 points.


Distillery Laphroaig
Classification Single Malt Whisky
Bottle No./Released -/-
Vintage 1960
Age 40
Bottler Official Bottling
Bottling Date 2001
ABV/ Volume 42.4%/ 70cl
Rating/SGP 93/555
Cask Number -


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