Ardbeg 1966 Moon Import The Birds Cask 2443


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A ridiculously rare and hugely sought-after Moon Import bottling of Ardbeg 1966 bottled in the late 1980s.


There were three or four different casks of Ardbeg in this series that, like many other 'Moons', seem to inspire several contemporary bottlers as far as label design is concerned. I already tried this cask a long time ago (WF 93) but never took proper notes. Now’s the time, as Charlie would say (Parker, not MacLean). Colour: full gold. Nose: ah yes, this is smoother, maybe a little more elegant and obviously shier than the versions from the 1970s, even if it’s younger whisky. It’s not big and it’s rather more on soot, apple peelings, orange zests, linseed oil and then mint and eucalyptus. What’s striking is the way it suddenly becomes much earthier. Huge notes of humus, damp earth, our bellowed old pu-erh teas, also camphor… Maybe this was some very old cask of cough syrup that’s been wrongly stencilled as Islay Malt Whisky? Mouth (neat): ho-ho-ho, now we’re talking! We aren’t very far from the 1972-1976 Ardbegs in fact, even if quite unexpectedly, this baby is rather fruitier, on oranges and maybe overripe apples (the red ones). As for the rest, it’s an avalanche of kippers, anchovies and green olives. Much, much more oomph than in the official 1965 from a few years ago (the one that was delivered with white gloves) but it’s true that it’s much younger. What’s sure is that it didn’t loose much power in glass. Finish: long and classically ‘old Ardbeg’, on almonds, brine, lemon marmalade, ashes and tar. Comments: probably not 95+ material, for that it would need a little more oomph and ‘wideness’, but quality is ultra-high. I had this baby at 93 before and won’t change my score. SGP:457 - 93 points.


    Distillery Ardbeg
    Classification Single Malt Whisky
    Bottle No./Released 141/264
    Vintage 1966
    Age -
    Bottler Official Bottling
    Bottling Date 1987
    ABV/ Volume 46.0%/ 75cl
    Rating/SGP 93/457
    Cask Number 2443


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