Kujira Ryukyu Whisky 12 years Sherry Cask Finish


Dominant sherry notes with a nice mix of molasses and corn syrup, the natural sweet aroma of this whisky makes it a delightful sip. The strong yet tart fruity taste refers to the very quintessential flavor associated with the extract from balsamic vinegar.

Dry palate, slightly decorated with a hint of sweetness like rum mousse. A long aftertaste, first bitter, bring out a touch of enduring sweet. Sweet and full of flavor, just like a lovely combination of cognac and rum. The unique sourness doesn’t clash to the finish while makes the whisky not too dry, not too sweet, just right.

KUJIRA, a brand name inspired by the tender and caring nature of whales, home to Okinawa coastlines, also regarded as a guardian symbol of the Islands that had have long suffered from land battles. Being the most huge and impressive wildlife on earth, KUJIRA is also believed to share human’s personality of bountifulness, continues to running beneath praise of the islands.

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