Kanosuke New Born 2020 ABV 58% 20cl


Kanosuke New Born 2020. Single malt whisky made with peated malt from the UK, distilled in August 2018 and aged in white oak. Single malt New Born distilled and casked in August 2018. UK peated malt fermented with distiller’s yeast and distilled in our wash still. Of the two spirit stills at Kanosuke Distillery, the still which produces more body was used for second distillation. The new make spirit was matured in white oak barrels in our sea-scented storehouse for 24 months before being bottled at cask strength. Peaty and stout, yet with a delicate sweetness for you to enjoy.


Color: Amber
Nose: Cashew nut, pear, peach, vanilla
Taste: Sweet, salt, peppermint, woodiness
Finish: Pleasant peatiness followed by bitter sweetness



    Volume 20cl
    ABV 58%
    Type Single Malt Whisky
    Age NAS
    With Box No


    Category: Common

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