Akkeshi 厚岸 4/24 Shosho 処暑 2021 (Limited Edition 4 out of 24) World Blended Whisky 14th Solar Term ABV 48% 70cl with Gift Box



Akkeshi Shosho 2021 Limited Edition 14th Solar Term. This 24-season series will be released alternately as single malt and blended, and this time it will be blended. “The year is divided into 24 equal parts, and the seasons are named after them. “Vanishing heat is the fourteenth of the twenty-four seasons. It is the 14th of the 24 seasonal seasons. The word “heat” means to stop, and the heat eases and a cool breeze begins to blow in the morning and evening. It is also the time of harvest for grains and other crops, but it is also the arrival of the typhoon season.

As the 24 solar terms are not fixed dates, they change from year to year, and in 2021, the first day of summer will be August 23. In 2021, the summer heat will be on August 23, and the summer heat will last for about 15 days from August 23 to September 7, which is the 15th day of the 24th solar term, Hakuro.



    Volume 70cl
    ABV 48%
    Type Blended Japanese Whisky
    Age -
    With Box



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