Kanosuke 嘉之助 2021 Second Edition Single Malt Cask Strength Japanese Whisky ABV 57% 70cl with Gift Box


“Single Malt Kanosuke 2021 SECOND EDITION 57% 700ml” is a single malt Japanese whisky which embodies Kanosuke Distillery’s concept of “MELLOW LAND, MELLOW WHISKY” and was produced using all 3 of our pot stills, aged in several varieties of oak barrels, and blended together after 3 years of maturation.

“Single Malt Kanosuke 2021 SECOND EDITION” is a single malt Japanese whisky produced at Kanosuke Distillery in 2018. Made with unpeated malt, it has been bottled at cask strength from a blend of barrels, with re-charred bourbon barrels as key.

As the breeze from the sea in front of Kanosuke Distillery gets cooler day by day, whisky calmly matures.

Enjoy the elegant sweetness and pleasant bitterness that has emerged as it has been wrapped in the gentleness of the soft salt air.



Color: Yellow amber

Nose: Citrus, green apple, vanilla, lemon tea

Taste: Honey, Nikki cinnamon, grapefruit

Finish: Elegant sweetness and pleasant bitterness



Volume 700ml
ABV 57%
Type Single Malt Japanese Whisky
With Box YES


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