Kanosuke 嘉之助 2021 First Edition Single Malt Cask Strength Japanese Whisky ABV 58% 70cl with Gift Box



Kanosuke is a single malt Japanese whisky which embodies Kanosuke Distillery’s concept of “MELLOW LAND, MELLOW WHISKY” and was produced using all 3 of our pot stills, aged in several varieties of oak barrels, and blended together after 3 years of maturation. Produced between 2017-18 and is their first single malt Japanese whisky.

Made with unpeated malt, it is bottled at cask strength from a blend of barrels, with re-charred American white oak ex-“Mellowed Kozuru” aged shochu casks as key.



    Volume 700ml
    ABV 58%
    Type Single Malt Whisky
    Age NAS
    With Box YES


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