Kanosuke 嘉之助 2021 Distiller's Choice Single Cask #19250 Single Malt Japanese Whisky ABV 55% 70cl with Gift Box

This is a memorable first single cask release for Asian whisky fans. Master distiller Yoshitsugu Komasa chose a single cask that was matured in shochu reacher cask and then finished in red wine cask. It has a beautiful red-amber color and the characteristic Kanosuke distillery maturation feel, as well as a thick flavor with spicy and firm tannins.


Distilled  May 2018
Bottled November 2021
Production one of 276 bottles only
1st Fill American White Cask ( Shochu rechar cask )
Finish Red Wine Cask 
Color Amber with a hint of red
Nose Nuts, raisins, truffles
Taste Spicy, firm tannins, thick flavor
Finish The harmony of red wine barrels lasts comfortably
Type Japanese single cask whisky
Contents Malt
Abv. 55%
Volume 700ml

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