Jura 1966 20 Years Duthie - Corti Brothers


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An independently bottled Jura imported by R.W. Duthie which has become one of the rarest Indy Juras around.

A real gem for any Jura enthusiast.

TASTING NOTES (by Whiskyfun.com)

That’s right, another glorious ‘Corti’. How fabulous will this baby be? Colour: full gold. Nose: whawawow! I know, that was childish at best, but the nose of a 20+40 (20 years in wood plus 40 years in glass, more or less) is just unbeatable. This is exceptionally complex, and yet it’s kind of compact, or at least extremely coherent. I utterly adore, for example, these sappy tones, or the many flowers and herbs, or the phenolic notes that will remind you of an old garage, full of vintage Ferraris and Astons (S., gee, showing off again!) Old rubber, engine oils, leather, Bakelite, greasy steel, warm plastic, cardboard, concrete... It’s only after fifteen minutes that a wee touch of cardboard starts to make it a notch more… Human? Mortal? Normal? Mouth: this kills me. I do not like mantras such as ‘whisky was better in the old days’, but let’s face the facts, there are very few current bottlings that manage to reach this level of complexity. Okay, the latest/last official Broras, some Karuizawas… Other than that, zilch! But to get back to the subject, this is adorably medicinal and fantastically ‘quince-y’. Only wee flaw, the strength, it tends to lose steam a bit – and a few points. Finish: a wee bit shortish, but the flavours are superbly sappy. Comments: let’s go aboard WF’s time machine and go ask Mrs. Corti to choose higher strengths! 100 US proof will do. SGP:562 - 93 points.
(With thanks to caro Diego and caro Massimo)


Distillery Jura
Classification Single Malt Whisky
Bottle No./Released -/-
Vintage 1966
Age 20
Bottler Official Bottling
Bottling Date 1986
ABV/ Volume 43.0%/ 75cl
Rating/SGP 93/562
Cask Number -


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