Jim Murray's Whisky Bible 2020 (Autographed by Jim Murray )

Jim Murray's Whisky Bible 2020 (Autographed by Jim Murray )

The 2020 edition of Jim Murray's famous Whisky Bible. Jim has now tasted more than 20,000 whiskies and this book present the fruits of his labours. Inside you'll find Jim's top picks alongside a comprehensive list of scores grouped by region and distillery.

Every year, Murray releases his annual Whisky Bible, which names the best whiskies across every category from Irish and Japanese to single malt Scotch and European.

For the 2020 edition, all three of the top accolades were given to American whiskeys, all hailing from one producer.

“There will be eyebrows raised and claims of favouritism which, of course, is never the case with the Whisky Bible: I call it exactly as I see it,” explained Murray.

“Once I knew the top three were from the same company, I spent two extra days running through my top 10 whiskies once more… and the results came out exactly the same.”

Last year saw Murray name William Larue Weller Bourbon as the ‘world’s best whisky’, followed by Glen Grant 18 Years Old single malt Scotch in second place and Thomas H Handy Sazerac Rye in the third spot.

Now in its 17th year, the Whisky Bible 2020 contains tasting notes for around 5,000 drams

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