Jamaican 1998 22 Year Old Rum Sponge Cask Edition No.11 Refill Barrel ABV 62.6% 70CL with Gift Box


Rum Sponge Edition 11 sees the return of everyone's favourite Jamaican funk bomb!

This time we've chosen a single 1998 refill barrel, it has been bottled at natural cask strength of 62.6% after 22 years of age and there are only 249 bottles. 

Can you complete all the levels of Funk Kart? Will you play as the Sponge, or as his annoying brother 'Breweegie'? Will you collect all the complex long-chain flavour molecules and rescue the Funkdragon from the evil Princess Caramel? Can you defeat the ultimate mega-boss Lord Dunder and his army of bacterial microflora? Buy this bottle and play Funk Kart* today to find out! 

*excessive playing of Funk Kart may convert your brain into blue cheese. Decadent Games are not liable for death, injury, hallucination, sudden epiphanies, failed investment, mould, disappointment, blog posts or annoying opinions* 


Distillery Hampden
Classification Rum
Vintage 1998
Age 22
Region Jamaica
Cask  Refill Barrel
ABV / Volume 62.6% / 70cl
Cask Number  -/-

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