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Another of our special old Clynelishes, this time a vatting of two complementary casks. This is a real old-school style Clynelish. See our tasting notes for more details.


Just bottled. Colour: pale gold. Nose: it's very, very classically Clynelish, starting on bold notes of watch, dare I say as usual, fruits such as pears, apples, peaches (all kinds of stone fruits actually) and quite some smoke at that. Something slightly resinous, it's definitely phenolic on the nose. Goes on with notes of plum spirit. The smokiness grows bolder with time, but then it gets more and more on stone fruits spirit, such as mirabelle and kirsch. We have also slight hints of marshmallows in the background, also strawberry sweets (do you know Tagadas by Haribo?) And finally a very nice woodiness (wet wood, ginger, even ginger tonic). What's sure is that this one is very far from being tired, but let's try it on the palate now. Mouth: it's maybe slightly prickly at the attack, with quite some wood and pepper but those flavours mingle with the waxiness after a while, with also hints of paraffin. Gets a little leafy and slightly resinous. The pepper strikes back after a moment, there's even a little mustard like sometimes with Clynelish - and Brora. Again, there's a lot of ginger. Interestingly rough, it's not an old Clynelish de salon.
The finish is quite long, very waxy again, quite balanced even if we're always rather on on Clynelish's rough side. Fresh almonds and maybe little notes of cooked peaches. In short, another very good 1972 Clynelish, less delicate than some others but not that phenolic. Let's say it's a superbly rough Clynelish, a profile that you don't find too often in Scotland these days. Old Highlands style, I like that. 91 points.


Distillery Clynelish
Classification Single Malt Whisky
Bottle No./Released -/409
Vintage 1972
Age 34
Bottler Official Bottling
Bottling Date 14 March 2007
ABV/ Volume 50.5%/ 70cl
Rating/SGP 91/-
Cask Number 20156 / 24651


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