Bowmore 1964 22 Years Duthie - Corti Brothers


Distilled in 1964, this hails from the era of epic Bowmores. 

Bottled in 1986 by R.W Duthie & Co of Aberdeen, this was for the Corti Brothers of Sacramento.


Colour: pale white wine. Nose: sylphlike and dense at the same time, with a little carbon paper, ink, old magazines, fresh lemon, drops of cod liver oil, fresh almonds, lemon skin from Amalfi (says Massimo), very well refined oysters… This is lace! Mouth: starts light, almost whispering, before more and more lemons (Amalfi, Massimo?) take over, as well as citrons, smoked fish, a feeling of mineral oil (graphite?), and then the expected tropical fruits. Mangos, passion fruits, kiwis and all that. This is a 1960s Bowmore, remember?
Finish: a tad saltier. Light, rather delicate, not thin at all, more on lemon-spread smoked salmon. Iodine. Comments: more a Botticelli than a Warhol! Only problem, ‘you can drink a lot of it’ (says Diego). Nonante-quatre says Geert. Olivier says quatre-vingt quinze. SGP:554- 94 points.


Distillery Bowmore
Classification Single Malt Whisky
Bottle No./Released -/-
Vintage 1964
Age 22
Bottler R.W. Duthie & Co.
Bottling Date 1986
ABV/ Volume 43.0%/ 75cl
Rating/SGP 94/554
Cask Number -


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