Blanton's Single Barrel #30 River Edition Singapour 2023 ABV 62.75% 700ml

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- ABV: 62.75%

- Size: 70cl

Dumped On: 21-07-2023

Barrel No.30

Warehouse H

Rick No.46

Blanton’s 2023 River Edition honors the rivers that flow through Frankfort and Paris. A world apart, the rivers are vital to their communities, providing rich, fertile land on its banks, which led settlers to both areas. The Kentucky River was a major thoroughfare for the commerce of bourbon in the 19th century, and its limestone water, rich in minerals and low in acidity, make it an essential part of bourbon distillation. The Seine River, in addition to its importance in trade and transportation, has inspired people for centuries. Countless poems, works of art and romantic encounters have centered around the Seine. The Blanton’s brand is the perfect bourbon to pay homage to both. 

Tasting notes for Blanton’s start with a nose of maple syrup or honey with beautiful vanilla bean. There is an orange citrus aroma with hints of stewed berries. The palate is a beautiful caramel and English toffee with warm baking spices. Some butter notes and sugar cookies can also be detected. The finish is medium to heavy-bodied with a medium-long finish. Caramel and toffee are the stars. A spicy backbone gives it structure. It has a very well-balanced, classic Blanton’s profile.

Like all Blanton’s Bourbon, the River Edition is a Single Barrel. Since each barrel was specifically selected by Blanton’s and La Maison du Whisky for this limited edition, the proof will vary between 100 proof and cask strength, depending on the unique profile of each barrel selected.


Type: Unknown Type

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