Ben Nevis 6 Year Old Single Malt - Artist Collective 2014

Ben Nevis

Very Ben Nevis, this version perfectly illustrates the unique character of this single malt which occupies a special place in the hearts of amateurs. Its oxidative fruitiness that is both classic and exotic, its floral character of great subtlety, the many aromatic plants that shake up the established order and the spices that combine diversity and nobility of expression are the ingredients that shape its aromatic and taste palette. very nuanced.

Color: deep gold.
Nose: rich, smooth. By its oxidative character, this Ben Nevis evokes a yellow wine from the Jura of about twenty years. Aromas of nuts and very ripe white grapes blend harmoniously with aromas of curry, cinnamon and saffron. More and more greedy, the aromatic palette then becomes almost chocolatey vanilla and above all beautifully floral (lime blossom, lily, peppery rose). Exotic fruits (roasted pineapple, flambéed banana) are the highlight.
Palate: ample, lively. On the attack on the palate, beeswax and acacia honey coat the taste buds very gently while spices (pepper, star anise, cloves) are deposited in powder on the tongue. In the middle of the mouth, stewed fruits (apple, plum) and candied citrus fruits (lemon, orange) rub shoulders with many aromatic plants (chervil, sage, savory). The aftertaste is marked by notes of frangipane and raisin cake.
Overall: long, smooth. A subtle blend of damp earth, cinnamon and grated ginger, the start of the finish is at the same time freshly herbaceous (coriander, dill) resinous and sappy (pine). In its continuation, flavors of nuts feed with delight an invigorating bitterness. In retro-olfaction, cocoa powder, plantain, turmeric and acacia honey punctuate the tasting beautifully. The empty glass is vanilla, camphoric and medicinal (tiger balm).

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