Ballechin 2003 18 Year Old Whisky Sponge Edition No.47 Refill Sherry Butt ABV 48.5% 70CL


A verytable blaste from ye pasta! Mayde of thicke and squidgeey darkyness, gayme meats o' the forreyste, blacke, blacke caffeyne beaneys and chocolayte of manys a gold coyne. 

Moyste, like thee toppermoste soiyle! Thicke, like the skull o'the influenceyre! And flabbey, like the Spooynge! 

A special, age-d dram O'Balleykeyne! Verily, but 353 flagons o'pitch blacke nectayre were yielded from the butte - thee alcohoyle of whiche was cut downe to forty eight and one halfe a degreeyes. For to engorge the mighty shafte of fruite and meaty spiryte! There entwined aboute the peat-reeyke and barbourous smoykeng fyumes o'the Balleykeyne soul! 

Pleyse drynke thyself to within responsyble stupor! And flip ye not thee Balleykeyne - lest the coiyne and tongue ye wayste! 

Nose: Immediate concentrated peat smoke that combines earthiness, wetness, mintiness and medicinalness. Water-logged soils and Vicks VapoRub join bubbling bitumen and shed felt roofing, whilst balsamic strawberries and Black Jack chews sit alongside vinous qualities and polished leather. Reduction results in a sweeter dram. And a dirtier one. Iodine and floor cleaner with air-dried ham, fennel, boiled potatoes and honeycomb.

Taste: Not messing. BBQ glaze and BBQ briquettes join a mouthful of dry fireplace ash. Over medicinalness follows with antiseptic wipes, bandages and calamine lotion. Underneath is a solid foundation of sherry – plums, raisins and burnt toffee together with cinnamon and gentle pepper. Dilution again adds sweetness with brown sugars and meat glaze together with concentrated cranberry cordial and a slightly mineral quality of pumice and mentholated artificial fire coals.

Finish: Long with ashiness, medicinalness and linger brown sugars.


Distillery Ballechin
Classification Single Malt Whisky
Vintage 2003
Age 18
Region Highlands
Cask Refill Sherry Butts
ABV / Volume 48.5% / 70cl
Cask Number  -/-

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