Ballantine's 30 Year Old Blended Scotch Whisky ABV 40% 70cl with Gift Box

Powerful and luxurious with juicy pear and peach flavours. Best enjoyed as a reward for something truly outstanding. Some of the rarest whiskies come from distilleries that are no longer in existence. A rich, sweet blend of incredibly rare whiskies aged 30 years and over.

Colour: Deep old gold.
Nose: Deep, soft, fruity aromas, elegant sweetness and vanilla oakiness.
Taste: A complex balance of honey, floral and fruity flavours with notes of vanilla.

Category: Scotch Whisky
Place of Origin: Scotland
Ingredients: Water, Barley, Cereal, Yeast
Alcohol Content: 40% vol
Volume: 700ml

Consumption Tips: Neat or on the rocks.
Brand Story: Two centuries, five Master Blenders and one uncompromising standard of excellence. That’s the Ballantine’s story, and we’re sticking to it. We can trace our roots all the way back to 1827 when our founder George Ballantine first opened his store in Edinburgh. Since then, we’ve travelled all over the world and are now the No.2 selling Scotch whisky globally thanks to our diverse range of quality, blended whiskies, that are perfect to drink how you like.

Awards & Recognitions:
ISC Trophy + Gold 2018 Scotch Blends 21 years old and over
IWSC Gold Outstanding 2018 Whisky - Scotch - Deluxe Blend - 30-37 YO

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