Ardnamurchan 2015 6 Year Old Whisky Sponge Edition No.48A Refill Barrel ABV 57.1% 70CL with Gift Box

We are very happy to present to you another Triptych release, this time featuring two distinct single casks of Ardnamurchan that we have fiddled about with and turned into a set of three individual bottlings. Together these form Whisky Sponge Edition 48. 

Edition 48A is a single refill barrel of heavily peated 2015 Ardnamurchan. This was bottled with slight reduction at 57.1% and is a fiery, volcanic wee monster with billowing pyroclastic flows of raw peat smoke, seawater and farmyard phenolics. 


Nose: Burnt bacon, porridge, wet dog and damp hay sit with boiled vegetables, raw moist peat and marmite spread over toast. Olive brine provides salinity and reinforces what is a rather savoury affair. The addition of water offers ozone and petrichor alongside putty and apple slices. Overall, it’s less burnt and more obviously approachable.

Taste: Pretty bombastic. Medicinal peat smoke with floor cleaner and antiseptic joins lemon zest, rocky cliffs, brine and chimney smoke. Light chilli pepper provide a bite whilst toasted barley tempers. Water moves things into a more fruit focussed place with apples (primarily) and pears together with mandarin peels, coal dust and cold cream.

Finish: Quite long with sustained peat smoke, sharp medicinalness and a citric twist.



Distillery Ardnamurchan
Classification Single Malt Whisky
Vintage 2015
Age 6
Region Highlands
Cask Refill Barrel
ABV / Volume 57.1% / 70cl
Cask Number  -/-

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