Ardnamurchan 2015 6 Year Old Whisky Sponge Edition No.48A Refill Barrel ABV 57.1% 70CL


We are very happy to present to you another Triptych release, this time featuring two distinct single casks of Ardnamurchan that we have fiddled about with and turned into a set of three individual bottlings. Together these form Whisky Sponge Edition 48. 

Edition 48A is a single refill barrel of heavily peated 2015 Ardnamurchan. This was bottled with slight reduction at 57.1% and is a fiery, volcanic wee monster with billowing pyroclastic flows of raw peat smoke, seawater and farmyard phenolics. 


Nose: Burnt bacon, porridge, wet dog and damp hay sit with boiled vegetables, raw moist peat and marmite spread over toast. Olive brine provides salinity and reinforces what is a rather savoury affair. The addition of water offers ozone and petrichor alongside putty and apple slices. Overall, it’s less burnt and more obviously approachable.

Taste: Pretty bombastic. Medicinal peat smoke with floor cleaner and antiseptic joins lemon zest, rocky cliffs, brine and chimney smoke. Light chilli pepper provide a bite whilst toasted barley tempers. Water moves things into a more fruit focussed place with apples (primarily) and pears together with mandarin peels, coal dust and cold cream.

Finish: Quite long with sustained peat smoke, sharp medicinalness and a citric twist.



Distillery Ardnamurchan
Classification Single Malt Whisky
Vintage 2015
Age 6
Region Highlands
Cask Refill Barrel
ABV / Volume 57.1% / 70cl
Cask Number  -/-

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