Amahagan World Malt Whisky Winter Edition ABV 47% 700ml


The winter version uses the original peat-flavored malt whisky distilled by Nagahama Distillery and is blended with the original peat-flavored malt whiskey imported by Nagahama Distillery from other countries and regions. It is a world blended malt whisky. The type of maturing barrel is unknown, the alcohol content is 47% ABV, the capacity is 700ml, and the number of bottles is 6000 bottles.


Amber like the moon in the winter night sky;


The smell of peat is accompanied by a sweet aroma, reminiscent of the smoky smell of firewood by the fireplace, and has tropical fruit aromas such as pineapple and passion fruit;


The taste is very smooth, with vanilla, raisin, honey-like sweetness, followed by salty nutty flavors, and finally a strong malt flavor;

Ending rhyme:

Long and full of soft peat smoky flavor in the mouth.

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