Amahagan World Malt Kabukiza Edition Sherry Cask ABV 47% 700ml


Amahagan World Malt Whisky Kabukiza Edition 700ml Limited Release

It is the collaborated item with Japanese famous Kabuki theater “Kabukiza” located in Ginza, Tokyo.

From sweet, to dry. Slight smoky and salty flavour. Bitter chocolate with a nuance of prune. There is a powerful attack and wild spicy tones, but with delicacy.

It gives the taste of complexity. As time passes, fresh citrus flavour appears and it mixes with a ripe spicy scent.

The Finish: Strong initial upfront plays to the forefront, followed by a smooth and relaxed aftertaste that lingers. Fresh woody aroma teamed with mild milk chocolate envelops the tongue. 

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