Akkeshi Ritto 2021 Japanese Single Malt Whisky 5th Limited Edition 19th Solar Term ABV 55% 70cl with Gift Box


The 5th in the 24-Season Series.
Akkeshi Single Malt Japanese Whisky Ritto 立冬
This is the fifth single malt whisky in the 24-Season Series. It is the season when the first snowflakes begin to arrive in the northern part of Japan. The full-bodied sweetness of the Akkeshi malt has also deepened, just like the gradually deepening winter. We hope you will enjoy the rich and thick Akkeshi Malt during the New Year's holidays.

Tasting Notes :

Brown sugar, fruit basket, chocolate, soy sauce, citrus sweetness and sourness, chocolate-like sweetness and bitterness, white pepper, barbecue, tangerine-like sweetness



    Volume 70cl
    ABV 55%
    Type Single Malt Whisky
    Age -
    With Box



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