November 15, 2016

The story goes, Yamazaki’s founder, Shinjiro Torri sent Masetsaka Taketsuru, his friend to Scotland to gain however much knowledge and experience about the Scottish whisky industry as possible. Armed with three years of working for a handful of distilleries in Scotland, his student returned to put his knowledge and skills to practice and started Yamazaki, Japan’s very first commercial whisky distillery in 1923 and the rest was history.  

Today, with 8 distilleries, Japan is one of the largest producers of whisky. Popularity for their Whisky grew significantly in the recent decade, winning them major international awards like the World Whisky Awards especially for their Hibiki product range. Even with its relatively short whisky making history, Japanese Whisky is seriously taking over the world by storm, surpassing even Scottish whisky at times. Interested to try them out now?


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