December 07, 2017

Need a gift for dad? For the boss? Or your male colleague in the office? Gifting men can be quite difficult. You can only buy so many gadgets, toys or golf items. That's where we step in to tell you that whisky can be a great gift for men for multiple reasons, but here are just two:

For one, manly men drink whisky. Pretty much the unspoken truth. Just think of Don Draper of Mad Men. James Bond...enough said.

Whisky can also be a great gift because it's one of those things that you don't necessarily buy on your own. There are so many different brands and types of whisky that even if your giftee has his go to bottle, he's bound to appreciate trying out something different especially if it's not at his own expense.

With that said, here's our Holiday Whisky Gift Guide incorporating some staples, some exquisite choices, and some with a friendlier price tag.



#1 The Macallan Rare Cask 1824 Series

Less than one percent of the casks make the cut for this exquisite whisky, making it a premium of premium products. This is a bottle you get to make a bold statement and a lasting impression.

Aged in oak casks until it has just the right combination of sweet and savory, you'll taste notes of vanilla, toffee, cream, and chocolate along with tart ripened fruit and bold spice flavors.



#2 Lagavulin 18 years - Feis Ile 2016

Lagavulin is undoubtedly one of the top distilleries in the world and its Feis Isle bottles are immensely popular.

Punchy smokiness on the nose with hints of maple cured bacon, sandpaper, candy floss, refreshers bar and honey. Some floral accents with olives thrown in and a grating of lemon zest bring out the softer touches. For taste, more of that classic Islay unfolding across your mouth. Delicious with a superb balance of kiln embers, sea salt and charred beef burgers. More of the lemon, dirty vanilla and a Scottish breakfast tea – black of course. The legacy is a long salty finish.



#3 Talisker Single Malt 10 Years

The Diageo operated Talisker Distillery is one of the oldest distilleries from the Scottish Isles. They continue to produce award-winning single malt whiskies receiving numerous distinctions and accolades. The Talisker 10 Years is a true representation of Talisker's exceptional quality.

On the nose, you'll pick up robust, smoky aromas with notes of sweet pear, apple peals, and sea-water saltiness typical of Scottish whiskies. On the palate, a rich dried-fruit sweetness with clouds of smoke and strong barley-malt flavours, warming and intense. A great present for Scotch lovers or those wanting to get into quality Scotch Single Malts.



#4 The Yamazaki Single Malt Aged 12 Years

Japanese whiskys are all the rage these days and because of limited worldwide distribution, they are in high demand where available. And for good reason. The Yamazaki is Suntory's flagship single malt. Perfect for Scotch drinkers open to trying something different.

On the nose, it has a full aroma consisting of nutty notes on top of a pleasantly floral and earthy body. You'll taste hints of coconut, cranberry and butter.



#5 The Macallan 12 Year Fine Oak

The Macallan's reputation precedes itself and it's just impossible to go wrong choosing one of their bottles. So here's a selection that you won't regret over its quality or its price tag.

Complex with a hint of fruit and heather honey on the nose. On the palate, medium balanced with fruit, oak and spice.