Singleton Glen Ord 15 Year Old Special Release 2022 Single Malt Scotch Whisky ABV 54.2% 700ml


A lively expression of The Singleton of Glen Ord; smooth and sweet, with  elegant winey notes intermingled with luscious red fruits, it is also spicy-dry, with  a gingery heat. 

Tasting Notes


Deep, lustrous amber.




Dry overall, the gentle nose gives a vinous first impression, backed by spicy, woody notes of oak shavings and beech. Alluring aromas of tart red berry fruit and creamy vanilla spread among them, and a hint of wax appears in the development. A little water softens the nose and relaxes the aroma, without great alteration.


An ultra-smooth, mouth-filling texture prefaces a lively, intense taste; barley-sugar sweet, with a pinch of salt. That sweetness becomes pleasantly tart, with suggestions of gooseberry and crisp grape. At reduced strength, it is not as tart, but still spicy; the sweetness is highlighted yet the appetising spicy heat remains.


Lengthy and palate-drying, as pepper-heat lingers in a last kiss of silken spice. With water sweeter, now with a trace of fondant in the aftertaste.

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