Talisker 1958 Gordon & MacPhail Bot. 1980s



A marvellous old bottle of 1958 vintage Talisker bottled by Gordon & MacPhail, probably around the early 1980s.


There were various versions of the 1958 by G&M, especially versions at different strengths. Colour: gold. Nose: what’s interesting with these old ones, is that they combine two vast ‘areas’ that are seldom combined in modern whiskies in my opinion, namely peaty/smoky aromas and plain fruits. It’s really the case here, and we have indeed a style that’s not far from the old Laphroaig 10s (Bonfanti anyone?) or some Bowmores. The complexity is immense and not to be seen in modern whiskies. So, we have many herbs, fruits, oils, waxes, flowers and polishes. Hundreds. The only problem is that it’s maybe a tad too weak… But better a tad weak but complex than big and monodimensional if you ask me.
Mouth: excuse me your honour, it’s not weak at all now! Starts on ‘peated sultanas’ and develops on myriads of tiny flavours, smokes, ashes, waxes, fruits, spices, salt, syrups, resins, herbs extracts. And as often with old peaters, there’s this ‘cough syrup effect’ (CSE, yep that just came out). Finish: maybe not the longest ever but there’s a perfect resinous smokiness. Comments: excellent but that was expected (it’s from an impeccable source and couldn’t be a fake). And it’s amazing that whisky that was bottled at only 40% vol. thirty years ago could still be this big. In short, an ode to good old ‘unromantic’ twist-caps. SGP:555 - 92 points.


    Distillery Talisker
    Classification Single Malt Whisky
    Bottle No./Released -/-
    Vintage 1958
    Age -
    Bottler Official Bottling
    Bottling Date early 1980s
    ABV/ Volume 40.0%/75cl
    Rating/SGP 92/555
    Cask Number -


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