Speyburn 18 Year Crafted In Natural Colour Non Chill Filtered ABV 46% 700ml


Full-bodied indulgence with a charming, long finish.

The influence of the American and Spanish oak casks after 18 years of maturing gives this skillfully crafted golden single malt scotch whisky an unparalleled depth of flavour and character. The complex and complimentary tastes create a rich whisky that embodies generations of experience distilling at Speyside.


Colour - Dark golden.

Nose - Brimming with sweet toffee, sugared almonds and chunky tropical fruit. Hints of caramelized sugar and candied apples give way to very slight honey notes.

Taste - Creamy dark chocolate, toffee, a gently oak spiciness and a touch of citrus give way to a long, slightly smoky finish with an enticing bittersweet edge.

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