Ben Nevis 2013 LMDW SG 15th Anniversary Signatory Vintage ABV 48% 700ml

Ben Nevis


Bottled exclusively for LMDW Singapore’s 15th Anniversary, this is the 12th line up in the #LMDW15 Exclusive Single Cask releases. It is a first-fill Sherry Butt Finish.

BEN NEVIS distillery

Acquired by the Japanese group Nikka in 1989, the Ben Nevis distillery was, under the ownership of Joseph W.Hobbs in 1955, one of the only distilleries in Scotland to have its own traditional pot stills and a Coffey-style column still. Bought by Long John Distillers in 1981, the Coffey stills were subsequently dismantled. Although the majority of its whisky is aged in ex-sherry casks, some ex-bourbon cask bottlings have recently appeared on the independent market.


Since their beginnings in 1988, Signatory Vintage have been regarded as an exceptional independent bottler of Scotch whisky. Their ranges have offered drinkers a chance to try whiskies from many of Scotland’s distilleries, a great deal which are not available in any other form.

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