Rosebank 1981 20 Years - Rare Malts Selection





On the nose: gentle, strange, beguiling. There’s a solvent quality at first, which gives way to something very floral. Ashy, but not smokey. Seaweed. Boiled spinach. Coastal trawlers puttering by on a spring morning. Definitely maritime notes.

In the mouth: gentle ashes, lemon curd, sea spray. There’s a chilli pepper heat to this. Salted caramel. The texture is curiously light – Lowland in character – and yet there’s a huge amount of flavour from it. The ashes become mixed up with bitter wood, but it’s not unpleasant. Floral. Honey. What an interesting combination though. Citrus sourness hangs about quite a bit, mingling with that wood. It’s slight in stature, but aggressive. A bit like an angry Robert Carlyle.


    Distillery Rosebank 
    Classification Lowland Single Malt Whisky
    Bottle No./Released -/-
    Vintage 1981
    Age 20
    Bottler Official Bottling
    Bottling Date 2002
    ABV/ Volume 62.3%/ 70cl
    Rating/SGP -/-
    Cask Number -


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