Oban 10 Year Old Special Release 2022 Single Malt Scotch Whisky ABV 57.1% 700ml


Gentle on the nose, with maritime aromas, this super-natural Oban has a rich personality on the palate; a second maturation in Amontillado casks gently bringing new layers of vibrancy and flavour. 

Tasting Notes


Pale, ethereal gold.


Gentle in feel, with no prickle. The top notes are faint at first yet grow easier to make out, studded with maritime hints of salt crystal, edible seaweed, and ozone-fresh sea air. As the senses adjust a very faint smokiness appears, infused with mere suggestions of lint and light olive oil, and a light note of lemon citrus fruit.




The texture is soft and creamy-smooth, while the taste shines brightly with wine-fruit notes that carry hints of sweet violet and spiced plum. The fruit is balanced by a lively spiciness first met as saltiness mid-palate, then in a blazing dash of chili pepper. A little water softens the taste, taming the spiciness without altering the balance overall.


Quite long and surprisingly peppery, leaving a smooth memory of chili pepper in the maritime aftertaste.

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