Nikka Discovery Yoichi Aromatic Yeast Single Malt Bottled 2022 ABV 47% 700ml


After the superb Yoichi Discovery Non Peated in our 2022 creation catalogue, this yeast-focused version produced with a low-temperature fermentation brings to mind the fruity and floral world of Ginjo sake. Returning to Yoichi’s typical style, it presents a multifaceted peat whose changing humour is one of its many captivating traits. Especially present on the first nose and mid-palate, this peat constitutes the guiding theme for a palette of flavours and aromas punctuated by wonderfully complex fruity and floral sequences. 

Colour: pale gold.

Nose: refined, distinguished. On the first nose, a herbaceous, salty and empyreumatic (sleet) peat clearly dominates. Allowed to breathe, it makes way for fruits (apple, pear, Canary melon), flowers (lily, carnation) and mint, all of which bring lots of momentum to the aroma palette. Gradually, it becomes increasingly milky (cream, coconut), exotic (pineapple, yellow kiwi) and medicinal (ointment, arnica).

Palate: firm, lively. Giving its own take on the herbaceous, salty and empyreumatic register of the first nose, the attack also evokes a field of barley swept with sea spray. The more earthy and rooted mid-palate pours blocks of peat onto the tongue. The floral (tulip, cyclamen) and fruity (Mirabelle plum, greengage plum) end of the palate is also rustic and marine.

Finish: long, crisp. Unexpectedly, the start of the finish invites us to bite joyfully into whole bunches of white grapes. Flavours of plum and pulp bring lots of smoothness to the end of the palate. On the retronasal olfaction, evoking an evanescent peat, a fine layer of liquorice delicately coats the taste buds. The empty glass releases wisps of translucent smoke.

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