Nagahama The First Batch (Distilled in 2017, Bottled in 2022) Single Malt Japanese Whisky ABV 50% 50cl


6 years have passed since we started whisky production in December 2016, this is the memorable release of Nagahama Single Malt The First Batch, which we blended own-distilled four different types of non-peat whiskies distilled during 2017 to 2019. Bourbon whisky is as the base, Sherry cask whisky, Islay Quarter whisky and Mizunara oak whisky are exquisitely blended. Elegant and malty which is peculiar characteristic to Nagahama whiskies, and rich in taste. Please enjoy our first vatted single malt whisky.

Appearance: Madder red like the color of sunset at Lake Biwa.

Aroma: Ripe fruits like red apple or persimmon. Sweet vanilla, coconut and caramel, followed by the refreshing aromas of raspberries or cranberries.

Palate: Very smooth. Reminiscent of freshly baked raisin cookies or dried apricots. Then herbal essence like black tea. The bitterness and dryness derived from the barrel bring out the whole taste.

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