Longmorn 18 Year Double Cask Matured American Oak Barrels ABV 48% 700ml


Inspired by innovation and admired by all.
Longmorn’s 18 year old single malt was double cask matured in American Oak barrels and hogsheads. Individually numbered, each bottle is non-chill filtered and sits at 48% ABV.
This whisky encapsulates the pioneering distillery’s signature soft, rich creamy toffee profile with leading notes of mango and ripe juicy pear.

Tasting Notes:
Incredibly smooth with notes of mango and creamy toffee, complemented by flavours of ripe juicy pear and a touch of oak. The finish is incredibly sweet and long.

Category: Scotch Whisky
Place of Origin: Scotland
Ingredients: Scotch Whisky (malt distillate), water, colour: plain caramel
Alcohol Content: 48% vol
Consumption Tips: Neat/on the rocks or with a drop of water.

Brand Story: Secret Speyside is a collection of rare and aged single malt Scotch whiskies from seldom-seen, yet highly sought-after Speyside distilleries. One of Speyside’s best kept secrets, Longmorn was designed by founder John Duff in 1894 to create a whisky of outstanding quality fusing together his unique insight in technology and craft.

Duff, a forward-thinking founder even built a railway station next to the distillery, to facilitate supplies getting to the distillery and speed up the finished product getting into the hands of whisky lovers. This ‘pioneering distillery’ has long been considered world class by distillers, blenders and connoisseurs and often referred to as ‘every distiller’s favourite… apart from their own’.

Awards & Recognitions: ISC 2020 - Gold, IWSC 2020 - Silver 

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