Lambay Single Malt Irish Whiskey Reserve Cask Series Batch 01 2021 Limited Edition ABV 43% 700ml With Gift Box


Lambay Single Malt - Reserve Cask Series. Lot 01 is the first bottling and is limited to only 10,000 bottles. Lots 02 and 03 will follow in the years to come. Lambay Single Malt - Reserve Cask Series - Batch 01 is a rich, triple-distilled single malt, aged in bourbon casks and blended with a CAMUS cognac cask finish. Before being bottled, the island's Trinity Well water is added, in order to obtain this delicious triple distilled single malt.

Not Chill Filtered | 43% ABV/vol. 

  • The Lambay Single Malt is blended with part of its single malt finished in French oak barrels from Maison CAMUS selected for their quality and concentration.
  • Craftsmanship is key to our Lambay Single Malt, as we select the perfect percentage of barrels finished on the island of Lambay to achieve a balance of the unique maritime notes of sea salt and iodine from these barrels exposed to the air concentrated in marine particles surrounding this small Irish island surrounded by the sea.
  • This Single Malt is made from first and second filling cognac casks, which gives it a more intense taste of spices, tobacco and pepper.
  • Blended with Single Malt from our cellar, the whiskey has notes of sweet smoke with a slight salinity and a lingering finish that balances the richness of oak and grassy expression.

  • COLOUR: Brown Oak
  • NOSE: Oak, light smoke, herbs and tobacco
  • PALATE: Rich on the palate with notes of Oak and Tobacco that evolve into Spices such as Black Pepper, with Salt and very slight Smoky notes
  • FINAL: Oak and Pepper with persistent Herbaceous and Marine notes

Type: Irish Whisky

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