Ki One Batch 1 Virgin American Oak Korean Single Malt Whisky ABV 40% 700ml

Ki One

“Ki Wan” in Korean means the beginning and hope. These two themes perfectly encapsulate the spirit as it is at the beginning of the single malt whisky journey from Korea to the world.

The distillery is nestled in the Namyangju Mountains, north-east of Seoul. In summer, the spirits are baked in the Korean sunshine, and the heat allows the spirit to penetrate deep into the wood. In winter, the sunlight doesn’t rise above the Baekbong Mountain, casting a long winter shadow over the spirit, while the extreme cold pushes it out into the cask, having extracted an array of aromas.

The aim is to showcase how the distinct local four seasons help the unique maturation and dynamic flavors of Korea’s first single malt whisky.

Type: South Korea

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